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New Fresh Look Coming soon!

msvfocushexsoftblueMauve  Sports has redesigned the packaging for their fantastic line of Focus strings and we think users are going to like the new look.  It is fresh, lively and appealing…just like the strings it represents! Be watching for it as it unrolls in 2010.


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MSV EVO-HEX – “Catching Fire!”

The new MSV EVO-HEX is available for purchase in the USA and sales are starting to catch fire.   After extensive playtesting, the feedback indicates this product is definitely ready for prime time.

The EVO-HEX is a hexagonal profiled version of the Focus-EVO.  The EVO series was specifically designed to take MSV’s wildly popular Focus strings to a higher level of overall performance.  While Focus-EVO has generated a loyal following of users, it has never enjoyed the popularity of it’s older sibling.  That may be about to change with this new offering.

Playtesters have been gushing over the all around performance of the EVO-HEX.  (It should be noted that many of the same playtesters had not hit with the Focus-EVO so this was their first experience with the string.)  The most prominent feedback was in the area of comfort.  Playtesters enjoyed the feel, responsiveness and feedback of this product.  Couple that with an extra helping of spin and control (thanks to the profile of the string), and we had  and extremely happy cadre of  playtesting campers on our hands.

The question we set out to answer with our playtest is how does it compare to the insanely popular MSV Focus-Hex®? The answer is very well.  As was expected, our playtesters rated each string highly in terms of control and spin.  Some playtesters rated the EVO-HEX slightly higher in terms of power while others did not rate one as more powerful than the other.  The EVO-HEX was a nearly unanimous choice in terms of comfort and feel.  All playtesters used it in a full stringbed with some commenting it was as comfortable or moreso than poly/syn gut hybrids they had used in the past. Like the Focus-EVO, the EVO-HEX does tend to move around some in the stringbed.  It is not pronounced movement, but there is some string movement especially in the first couple hours of hitting.

We measured the tension loss of the EVO-HEX to be on par with many of the newer poly-based offerings.  It will experience an intial loss of 10 – 13% and then hold at that level.  The performance remains consistent and we did not receive any reports of  “hot spots” developing with the initial drop in tension.

If you have not yet experience the MSV Focus-EVO or the MSV EVO-HEX, we invite you to give them a try and see if they provide the characteristics to help you take your game to another level.

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MSV Soft Control Review

msv-soft-controlAfter having completed our playtest of the new MSV multi, Soft-Control, our playtest team came away impressed.  The Soft-Control is a multifilament string with 3 strands of poly-based filaments included.  The performance characteristics are exactly what you would expect from a string of this construction. While much livlier than poly-based strings, this multi is lowered powered and more easily controlled than the uber-soft multis like NXT and NRG.  It offers a crisper feel as well, almost reminiscent of LaserFibre Supreme (RIP) and KLiP Excellerator.

We were impressed with the tension maintenance of this string.  Well above average for multis.  After the initial tension loss, this string seemed to lock into its playing tension and maintained that tension over a prolonged period of time.  One area that caused some playtesters to comment in a not-so-positive manner was initial string movement.  Like many multis, this string does move around pretty easily and requires some straightening.  The movement lessens as the strings settle into place after a few sets of play.

Some of our playtesters noted the string played with a low-powered sensation and firmness on the initial hit.  They found as the string settled in that additional comfort and power were realized.  Those stringing at lower tensions did not report the same findings.  Our conclusion is that the user may want to string the Soft-Control a couple of pounds looser than traditional multis.

Durability was above average for multis.  Some users experienced fraying while others did not. (Dependent upont string pattern and hitting style).  Our playtesters reported good feel and touch as well as ability to generate adequate amounts of spin.

Overall this string scored well.  Solid performance in nearly all categories.  For tennis players seeking a crisp playing multi offering solid control and tension maintenance, this is definitely a product to consider.  We have also had some reported success with this as a cross string with poly-based offerings.  Many are seeking a multi cross to blend with poly-based mains for added comfort.  The trouble with this combination is the harshness of poly-based strings tend to shred and destroy the multi cross.  So far, we have observed this multi to perform better than any multi we have tested in this specific hybrid setup and we note that we have only tested the 1.25mm version.  The 1.30 version may be even better.

If this string sounds interesting to you, please contact us at Guts and Glory Tennis.  We are your source in the USA for this fantastic new MSV string product.  Be watching for our review of the new MSV Soft-Touch string, a 100% multi sibling of the Soft Control.

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New stuff!

tmimageCongratulations to Mauve Sports for securing the registered name of MSV Focus – Hex® in 27 European countries. Going forward all references to this incredibly hot-selling product which is the reigning “String of the Year” will use the official registered trademark sign.  The efforts to secure this were over a year in the making.  Congratulations!

Guts and Glory Tennis is currently in possession of the new MSV EVO – HEX and it will soon be available for purchase online.  We also have also recently added the  MSV Soft-Control and will soon have the other new MSV multi, Soft-Touch, on the web site as well.  All are currently available via phone orders.

Finally we also have added a new color of the MSV Focus – Hex® to our offerings.  The “natural” color is available in reels only.  It is available in 1.18mm, 1.23mm and 1.27mm.  This color is not produced in 1.10mm.

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MSV Packaging. What’s up with that???

Several customers may have noticed that the packaging for some of the recent sets of MSV strings has changed recently.  Unfortunately this is causing puzzlement and confusion among some of our customers.  Inquiring minds want to know “What’s up with it?”  So that is exactly what this blog entry is designed to address.

First, it is important to note we are the exclusive US distributor for MSV string products.   When we first began delivering sets to our customers, we chose to use our own custom packaging that we designed and created in consultation with Mauve Sports for USA customers.  Because the string was new to US consumers we believed it was important to increase the amount of information provided via the packaging and we wanted it to stand out for our vendors who display it in clubs and tennis retail establishments.  We felt the USA packaging was bold in color and clever in copy content.

Recently because our orders have grown so much thanks to the many fine US players who are using these strings, our special order unpackaged sets have not always been available as quickly as they have been needed.  As a result we have asked for and received pre-packaged sets that have the new Mauve Sports packaging that is used for English speaking customers throughout the world.

Our option with these pre-packaged sets is to cut them open and repackage them in our packaging, or to sell them in the European packaging.  In an effort to be environmentally friendly and not generate unnecessary waste, we have chosen to sell them to individuals ordering through us in the European packaging.  We try to use the USA packaging for retail resellers, but often times individuals ordering through our Guts and Glory web site will find the white packaging instead of the red.

The same great, freshly made product is enclosed in each package.  The product maintains its excellence as only the packaging varies.  We do apologize to those that have been confused by this.  The bottom line is the products are the same, the packaging is different due to efforts to be kind to our environment.

As always if you have any questions feel free to post them here and we will do our best to respond in a timely manner.

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Brooke Austin, our 14 year old MSV sponsored dynamo dominated a new section of the USTA junior circuit this past weekend.  She entered her first 16 year old national tournament where she demolished all opponents.  She marched to the championship without dropping a set.  In fact the closest anyone came to her was 6 – 2, 6 – 2 in the second round.  Congratulations Brooke!  Champion of the Midland Texas National Open.

What are you waiting on?  Play the same strings Brooke uses, MSV Focus and Focus Hex!

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Brooke’s Rockin’ the MSV Strings…so should YOU!

BrookeAOur 14 year old sponsored dynamo, Brooke Austin continues to rock her full MSV setup.  Brooke is currently using a Hybrid of MSV Co-Focus and MSV Hex in the blue and black colors.

Recently Brooke won her age group at the prestigious Easter Bowl Tournament.  The Easter Bowl is the National Championship for USTA Junior players.  We want to congratulate to Brooke on her feat as US National Champion for 14 year old girls. Impressive.

As if being US Champion in her age group were not enough, Brooke participated on the World Team Junior qualifications in Boca Raton last week.  With a spotless singles record of 3 – 0 and a doubles showing of 2-1 Brooke was the YOUNGEST US junior selected for the team.  The team, featuring Brooke, will be competing in the world finals to be held in the Czech Republic this coming August.

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New MSV Soft-Control Now Available in USA!

msv-soft-control The newest MSV product, Soft-Control, has just hit the US shores and is available to you at an introductory price of $11.90 per 40′ set from Guts and Glory Tennis.

This particular string offers a unique construction, specifically designed to offer the comfort of traditional premium multis with the bonus of added control. Players who enjoy crisp playing multis, like Technifibre Bi-Phase and KLiP Excellerator are likely to enjoy the playability offered by this string.

Currently this 1330 thread multifilament string is offered in 1.25mm, 17 ga,  in the USA.

The diagram below provides a detailed look at the construction of this string product.


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winnerAs projected in our last BLOG entry, MSV Focus Hex was named “Poly of the Year” for 2008 in the annual StringForum survey.  This survey represents respondents from all over the world.

This is the second year running that MSV Focus Hex was named the people’s choice.  According to the same survey, it was also rated the #1 CONTROL STRING IN THE WORLD.

If you haven’t yet tried the two time survey champion for yourself, what are you waiting for???  It offers plenty of playability, spin, comfort and CONTROL.  It is available in multiple colors and gauges and is one of the more affordable poly-based strings in the marketplace today.

Go ahead and order some.  (You KNOW you want to!!!)

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Happy New Year!

We’d like to take a moment to thank the users of our MSV string products.  2009 will bring some new and exciting products and updates.  MSV will unveil a new marketing logo.  One version of this logo is previewed here in the About Us section to the right of the home screen.

We expect that MSV will defend it’s title as String Forum’s “String of the Year” making it the highest rated poly-based string in the world for two years running.  An official announcement will be made as soon as results are made public.

MSV will launch a new string product in the first quarter of 2009.  Please be watching our blog for additional details on this new offering.

Until we next provide an update we hope you will continue using and enjoying the MSV string products brought to you by Guts and Glory Tennis.

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MSV Strings now available at Tennis Warehouse

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Brooke Austin – Our Sponsored Dynamo!

Brooke Austin, MSV’s first sponsored player in the USA continues to dazzle on the courts. Our 12 year old dynamo has had a very busy summer amassing an overall record of 162 – 18 and has a wide lead in the points standings as the #1 rated 12 year old in the USA.

Most recently Brooke won the USTA National Open in the 14 year old division. In her tournament prior to that she was crowned the singles and doubles champion at the USTA National Clay Court Championships in the 12 year old division. Prior to that she was the champion of the Midwest Open Championships in the 14 year old division.

Brooke’s busy summer will continue as she has been invited as 1 of only 2 USA representatives in the Junior World Championships which will be held in Montreal in the coming weeks. After that it is on to the Nike World Tour Championships followed by an appearance at the USTA All-Star Camp in California.

MSV is proud of Brooke and her continued accomplishments. Brooke’s racquet is powered by MSV Hex 1.23mm strings. She is currently using black, but has also used the red version. Our blog will keep the public abreast of Brooke’s progress in the coming weeks.

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MSV Updates

Hello fellow MSV fans!

It’s been several weeks since our last blog entry and we thought we would provide some new information.

First, we welcome the Weymouth Tennis Center in Weymouth, MA as a partner in selling and promoting the MSV string products.

Second, we have just received a new shipment of strings.  We now have 1.27mm MSV Focus Hex available in Red, White and Black…both sets and reels.

Third, we now have the new MSV Focus EVO available in amber and the new CRYSTAL color.  The CRYSTAL strings present a striking appearance and will soon be available through the Guts and Glory web site.

Fourth, we have started using the term “poly-based” when we refer to today’s new generation strings. The previous term we had been using was “co-polymer” and this was not a 100% accurate description as we believe “poly” and “polymers” need to have greater distinction.

Finally, MSV has created a heavy-duty pathfinder awl for stringers.  (See above rendering) We will also have this tool available on our web site in the coming days.  This stainless steel tool features the most sturdy construction we have seen of a pathfinder awl.  Definitely a quality tool that serious stringers will want to add to their tool chest and beginners will be able to use to help get out of tight spots.

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Copoly Hybrids – How to Match

Each week we receive questions from customers seeking advice about hybrid string setups, specifically with copolymers.  This post seeks to provide a general guide to those who are considering a copoly hybrid.

Generally the first decision to make is whether to use the copoly as the main or the cross.  The answer to this will depend on what the player is seeking to accomplish.  If s/he is seeking greater durability, in most cases the mains will be the copoly with a synthetic gut cross string.  (This can vary according to hitting style, but the majority of players we serve break the mains before the crosses.)  If the player is seeking to add additional control to an existing synthetic gut or natural gut setup, then the copoly is sometimes used as a cross string.

Many who approach us already know where they want to use the copoly string.  The more important question to them, is what to use as a complimentary string?  One advantage of using a hybrid over a full copoly setup is a softer partner in the stringbed can result in greater comfort.  Because the goal is often adding increased comfort, the thought is to use an ultra-comfortable multifilament string.  The question is which one is most durable?

We believe the concept of using a multifilament string in hybrid with a copoly is flawed thinking.  There are two primary reasons behind this belief.

1.  Multifilament strings do not hold up well at all in a hybrid with a copoly string.  Either as a main or a cross, the copoly string, being infinitely stiffer, will act like a saw, cutting through the multifilament in a relatively short period of time.

2.  The playing characteristics of the copoly will dominate the stringbed.  The copolys possess very distinct playing properties and while they can be softened with a synthetic stringbed partner, they will still dominate the stringbed.

Because the copoly is a dominant string, we believe it is extremely difficult for even advanced recreational and league players to be able to distinguish a difference between a hybrid consisting of a soft solid core synthetic gut or a multifilament string.  (NOTE:  We do believe a hybrid does offer a  more comfortable and different playing stringbed than a full copoly setup.)

Since a stringbed consisting of a soft solid core synthetic gut and copoly will play nearly identical to a hybrid of a multifilament and copoly, we believe the soft solid core synthetic is definitely the way to go.  There are two key advantages:

A.  The softer synthetic gut string will last longer.
B.  The softer synthetic gut will cost less!

We are currently playtesting a variety of hybrid setups and will post results when there is enough data to be of interest.  In the interim we will list some of the soft solid core synthetics that we have a great deal of success in using with our local stringing customers.

Yonex Tournament 80 Spin
Forten Sweet Synthetic Gut
Signum Pro Ultra Power SF
Signum Pro Topspin SF
KLiP Scorcher
KLiP Synthetic Gut
WeissCANNON SuperCable
Babolat N.vy

We have a great deal of experience with MSV hybrids and invite you to contact us if you have specific questions you would like us to address.

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EVO…Conquering the WORLD!

Paging Dr. Evil…

Dr. Evil…

Dr. Evil, the EVO is in! With it, you will defeat all your enemies! (Insert evil laugh here.)

Our first sets of the much anticipated MSV Focus EVO has arrived. It is currently available at Guts and Glory Tennis in 40′ sets. The color is amber (as pictured in previous post) and it is available in 16ga (1.30mm), 17ga (1.25mm) and 17L ga (1.20mm).

Just how evil is the EVO? Why not ask your opponents? They’re gonna hate this string!

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